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Disputes arise in everyday business and family situations. Sometimes you can resolve them on your own. Sometimes not. Those that really go too long without resolution often end up as costly problems, including business lawsuits and publicity or reputation issues, or in families we see inheritance losses, estrangements, or divorce. Because the court dockets are so full and the financial costs are so great, judges often order cases to try mediation before hearing a lawsuit. The idea is to save the months, sometimes years in legal costs, time, relationships, and emotional strain of a trial, all being carried out in a public courtroom.  Even if you haven't yet filed in court, you can hire a mediator to help you settle differences before they get to court.


In mediation, the mediator takes no "side" and has the role of helping the disputing parties find agreement about how to settle their difference(s). The disputing parties can sit together or separately. Both parties get the opportunity to state their perspectives and priorities on the issues, and to say what they believe is a fair solution. The neutral mediator helps them discuss points of agreement or disagreement, and explore alternative methods to solve the problems. The mediator helps them negotiate a written settlement agreement which they sign that they will put into effect. This all happens privately, generally in less than a day, and at a greatly reduced cost. Visit our site to learn more!



Gale Allison, Business and Family Mediator in Tulsa, Oklahoma 


Gale Allison is a certified litigation (lawsuit) mediator, divorce mediator, and elder care mediator. With years of experience in the business and family areas listed above, she can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars by finding ways that you can agree to resolutions. Do settlement agreements work? When all parties have signed the agreement, you have a contract to do what it lays out as your solution. Visit for more information, review the questions in our Mediation Blog, or if you have a question, email it to Gale Allison today. IF you'd rather just discuss it, call 918-492-4500.


For disputes over ownership, control, strategy, operations. HR, contracts, expectations and more...

  • Contract, payment, control and transactional disputes.

  • Conflicts involving business strategy, priorities and personnel

  • Disagreements over Business Succession (Buy/Sell, shareholders, partnerships, control) when the owner sells or transitions the company, retires, becomes disabled or dies

  • Professional Negligence



For disputes over divorce, elder care, custody or guardianship, estates, trusts, and inheritance matters...

  • Trust and Tax solutions for Divorce

  • Separation of Assets

  • Divorces and Family conflicts

  • Disputes between Beneficiaries and Executors, Trustees, parents, guardians or other decision makers and caregivers

  • Trust Revisions or Will Challenges 

  • Fiduciary Income Taxes and Death Tax Allocations

  • Disputed Powers-of-Attorney, Healthcare Proxies, Living Wills, or End-of-Life Choices

  • Professional Negligence