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​​Business Succession Planning

Whether a family company or not, transitioning a business after a key owner’s death, disability or retirement can be a chaotic and economically devastating time for not only grieving loved ones, but also for the business, its leadership, employees and customers. Many businesses fail during the process. Gale Allison and her team's four decades of experience transferring assets to successors can help assure that your business is not among the 90% that don't survive loss of the founder. Read on...

​​Estate Planning

Whether your assets are a lot or a little, every adult should have an estate plan. Out team's extensive estates-only practice includes comprehensive estate planning that empowers our clients and their families to be prepared for whatever the future holds. We can assist you and your family to plan for financial security on your death or incapacity, protect your assets from taxes, prevent conflicts over estates, trusts or probate, and legally show your care and end-of-life choices.  See more...

​​Estate-related Taxes


As former IRS attorneys, we can represent clients in estate tax planning and filing matters. Staying up-to-date on the latest developments in the law, we can fully protect each client's wealth and minimize tax exposure. We teach these updates to attorneys, CPAs and financial advisors for their required continuing education. With credentials including an MLL in Tax, four decades handling estate tax matters, work in the IRS gift and estate tax unit, and a CPA on the team as well, you know that you are working with the highest experience in this specific area of the law. Find more...

Trust & Estate Litigation

We are unique in that we are one of few practices with the particular skill and experience to practice "estate litigation," which means resolving estate disputes in court. Our team successfully represents either defendants or plaintiffs in trust disputes, will contests and other estate claims. Our practice is limited exclusively to matters related to Wills, Trusts and Estates.  The Gale Allison team has extensive education and experience resolving the broad and complex issues in these areas. Learn more...

​​Probate, Trust & Estate Administration

Managing and closing estates can get complicated for lay people and a skilled attorney is needed. Whether there's a will, a trust or no instructions left when someone dies, the Gale Allison team can handle all aspects of your probate, trust or estate administration. With skill honed from decades focusing on nothing but estate matters, we know how to do this work efficiently and effectively, protecting our clients from costly errors that risk inheritances. Read more...