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We Only Do Estate Matters because Your Estate Matters



  • Trust & Estate Administration   

  • Probate

  • Estate-Related Tax Issues

  • Estate Litigation 

  • Estate & Business Succession Planning  ​  ​​


The Gale Allison team's entire practice is dedicated to helping you plan, carry out and clearly resolve issues with your final wishes. Our resourcefulness is polished by four decades of experience specifically in these:



Experienced, Knowledgeable Oklahoma Probate and Estate Litigation Lawyers

Nobody wants to face death. We get that. We can help.

With the Gale Allison team, you'll find our entire practice is dedicated to helping you plan for, carry out and resolve your final wishes. We can deliver unique solutions due to our comprehensive knowledge and background, which, when combined with decades of ongoing education and experience results in doing one thing extremely well: estates. We have the "top of the head" wisdom to efficiently and effectively resolve your probate, estate and & trust administration, estate and business succession planning, estate-related tax, and estate litigation matters. 

Providing Individualized Will, Trust and Estate-Related Tax Services


To make your experience unique, our priority is serving you.

  • When a death occurs, as Oklahoma probate and estate tax lawyers, the Gale Allison team saves you time and money by providing probate, estate or trust administration and estate tax filings (estate/fiduciary income taxes, gift taxes, generation-skipping taxes, death taxes).

  • When estate problems arise, our team develops winning case strategy for estate and tax disputes (challenges, contests, litigation in court), and to address adverse death, gift and generation-skipping tax decisions

  • When you want to prevent estate problems, our experience as probate and tax lawyers helps build solid estate, tax, charitable giving and business succession planning that includes wills, trusts, powers of attorney, prenuptial agreements, advance directives, buy-sell / partnership / shareholder / business leadership and gifting documents to make your wishes clear and prevent future difficulties.


Delivering Value For Our Estate and Business Succession Planning Clients


Our dedicated focus on personalized estate and probate law delivers high value to clients. Our team streamlines processes and save you time and money. As with all attorneys, our more experienced attorneys earn higher fees based on their backgrounds and wisdom; however, our team of legal researchers and paralegals perform as much of the work as possible. Results? A more cost-effective overall hourly rate than an attorney who charges his or her full hourly rate to do all of the work. 

Ms. Allison joined Schaffer Herring, PLLC, as an Attorney / Director in 2017 increasing the strength of our team. To schedule a consultation with this innovative Tulsa estate attorney, call 918-492-4500 or email today. We return contacts promptly.


Gale Allison AV Preeminent Lwyer